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Coba Mayan Ruins | Cancun Tours

Coba Mayan Ruins

A tour of Coba offers vacationers the opportunity to explore the ruins of a once-thriving metropolis of the ancient Mayan Empire. This mysterious ruin site deep in the Yucatan jungle is still in the process of being uncovered and restored by archaeologists. This is such an expansive city that archaeologists have estimated to be more than six thousand five hundred structures in this city that was once home to approximately one hundred thousand residents at its apex. Coba is believed to be up to one thousand four hundred years old. Coba was a vital trade hub in the Mayan civilization; more than fifty roadways lead into the center of this massive site with the longest stretching more than sixty-two miles. This road was the lengthiest road of the Mayan culture.

Although thousands upon thousands of structures are yet to be uncovered, there are plenty of remarkable structures to witness at this amazing location. Perhaps the most impressive structure at Coba is the one hundred and twenty-six foot tall Nohuc Mul Pyramid, the highest pyramid on the Yucatan Peninsula. The architectural methods and style of Nohuc Mul is very similar to the construction techniques and aesthetics of the pyramid at Tikal in Guatemala which holds the record as the tallest Mayan pyramid. Legend says that the empress of Coba married a priest from Tikal, which may explain the similarities in architectural style. Unlike the Kulkulkan Pyramid at Chichen Itza, tourists are allowed to climb the one hundred and twenty stairs of the Nohuc Mul Pyramid. You will enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the ancient city and the dense jungle for miles around. Above the tree tops, you will spot the peaks of some of the large temple mounds that have yet to be uncovered.

Another popular attraction is the Mayan ball court. The massive ceremonial ball court is completely restored; standing next to this incredible structure, you will easily be able to imagine the ancient costumed ballplayers competing in this arena. You will see plenty of intricately carved stone work. One of the most prominent figures repeatedly represented in Coba is the diving god, also known as the bee god, or the descending god. Scholars believe that this deity is associated with the planet Venus.

If you have an adventurous and curious nature, you will enjoy the opportunity to discover the hidden wonders in these mysterious jungle ruins. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will appreciate the indigenous wildlife in this jungle environment, including spider monkeys. If the description of Coba intrigues you, be sure to browse this website for our many guided excursions with round-trip transportation to archaeological attractions.

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