Cancun Tours Privacy Policy

Best On Travel Network, Inc. concerns itself with guaranteeing the confidentiality of personal information disclosed by all its online users. Furthermore, we inform you of the manner in which we handle the information that you provide when using our services.

What Points do the Privacy Policies Encompass?

This point discusses how we use the personal information that you supply when utilizing our services. We define personal information as those facts that identify you: name, residence, email, credit card, and birth date, for example. This data is personal and private and is not available to the public.

Obtainment and Use of Information by Cancun Tours

One of the ways in which Cancun Tours obtains personal information from its users is through the reservation forms that solicit any of the services offered by the company (hotel reservations, tours, flights, cruises, transportation to the airport, etc.). We also ask for personal information through contact and consultation forms.

Cancun Tours utilizes this information with the purpose of focusing the content, products, and services of our sites to the needs of our users.

Sharing and Revealing Information

  • Cancun Tours does not sell, rent, or give out the personal information of our users to anyone.

Cancun Tours will share the personal information you provide ONLY when:

  • You authorize said information to be shared.
  • We need to send that information to companies that work with Cancun Tours and that allow us to provide a product or service to you (unless we indicate otherwise, these companies CANNOT use said information for any reason, except that which Cancun Tours specifies.)
  • We feel the need to respond to legal citations and/or legal processes.


In certain areas, Cancun Tours protects and stores the transmission of personal information with the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology in a coded format.

Privacy Policy Modifications

Cancun Tours modifies these policies occasionally. If the changes we make are important and directly affect the management of the personal information of our users, we will inform you by placing highlighted announcements on our pages with regards to the changes.

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