Playa del Carmen Restaurants


This charming and unpretentious café offers vacationers tasty Mexican fare at a reasonable price. Whether you stroll from the beach for a breakfast of chorizo sausage, fresh-roasted coffee, chilaquiles, and eggs scrambled with local spices, or a lunch of tacos featuring succulent pork and nachos al pastor, you will be impressed with the flavors of this home-style food. This restaurant offers a variety of great dishes, including posole, grilled fajitas, freshly-prepared guacamole, and Caribbean shrimp, but the pork, roasted right in front of the diners, is the star of Carboncitos menu.

El Fogon

An authentic Mexican eatery that attracts tourists and locals alike, El Fogon offers delicious home-style cuisine at an attractive price. You know that if an establishment in a tourist area is crowded with locals, it is a good choice. Be aware that the menu is in Spanish and the staff is mainly Spanish-speaking, so be prepared for a potential language barrier. The servers, as well as some of the locals, are always friendly and willing to recommend dishes. The portions are plentiful and the food is freshly prepared. This is the joint for adventurous vacationers searching for the local dining experience.

La Kalaka

Discover some scrumptious Italian fare for a great price at this out-of-the way charming eatery. You will enjoy the cozy and welcoming atmosphere as well as the fantastic dishes featuring locally caught seafood like mussels, shrimp, clams, squid, and fish. If you enjoy a cocktail with your meal, you will not be disappointed by the huge glasses of tasty alcoholic concoctions. If you'd like to enjoy some delicious pasta in an intimate setting off the beaten path of the tourist areas, La Kalaka is the place for you.

El Bistro at La Tortuga

This bistro offers international fare in a cozy setting. El Bistro is attached to the boutique hotel, La Tortuga, and has that friendly, accommodating feel. You can enjoy a variety of international offerings, including dishes featuring local seafood, grilled steaks, and freshly-prepared salads with inspired ingredients. You will appreciate the pleasant tropical air while dining in the pleasant courtyard.

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