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Xcaret Adventure Park | Cancun Tours

Xcaret Adventure Park

Xcaret is a splendid ecological, cultural, and entertainment park located along the Caribbean coast just south of Playa Del Carmen. This expansive campus encompasses a lovely inlet with a marine mammal compound, cultural attractions, Mayan ruin archaeological sites, zoological exhibits, performance venues, a horse ranch, shops with locally crafted goods, lovely natural lagoons, cenotes, subterranean rivers, splendid beaches, and more. Visitors can see the entire park with all its attractions, as well as the lush surrounding jungle and the panoramic seascape of the Caribbean Sea from the two hundred and sixty-two foot rotating observation tower.

Natural Attractions and Exhibits

The main natural attractions at this splendid eco-park (home to more than forty separate activities, attractions, and performances) are the amazing subterranean rivers. Visitors can snorkel and explore these waters, which only reach depths of about five feet, and witness incredible limestone formations and marine fossils. For those who would like to tour an underground river without getting wet, Xcaret offers a rafting trip down Paradise River. One underground river attraction allows visitors to swim beneath the beautiful vaulted ceiling of stained glass.

Visitors can also relax at the lovely beach and refreshing natural lagoons along the shoreline of the Caribbean Sea. If you are interested in the indigenous wildlife in this region, Xcaret is home to many natural attractions, zoological habitats, and more. The park is home to a butterfly pavilion, a coral reef aquarium, a wildlife breeding farm specializing in the conservation of birds like macaws, parrots, flamingos, and toucans, an orchid greenhouse, a mushroom farm, a sea turtle conservation center and nursery, and mammal habitats for jaguars, spider-monkeys, deer, manatees, dolphins, and tapirs.

Archaeological Ruins

Once name Ppole, this Mayan port city reached its height during the Fifteenth Century when the Spanish conquistadores began to expand their influence in Mexico. The natural sheltered inlet was an ideal location for a maritime trade. Large canoes would arrive in the inlet filled with up to forty passengers and trade goods like honey, gold, feathers, jade, textiles, and ceramics. The natural pools and cenotes also attracted visitors from other areas of the Yucatan who purified their bodies and souls in ceremonial baths. The Itzas began their campaign to conquer the Yucatan after landing at this location eleven hundred years ago. Visitors can discover some of the sixty temples and five hundred residences firsthand while touring Xcaret.

Cultural Performances

Xcaret offers performances that pay tribute to the traditions of the ancient Maya as well as traditional Mexican culture. Fiesta Charra allows visitors to witness the cowboys and charros perform horseback acrobatics at the equestrian center. You will be dazzled by the colorful costumes and horseback choreography of the lovely lady escaramuzas. The Papantla Flying Men (Voladores dePalantla) perform breathtaking acrobatics high overhead in an ancient tribute to the solar deity. Xcaret offers amazing costumed pageantry, paying tribute to Mayan and Toltec, Spanish-colonial, and post-revolution cultural traditions at performances like the Xcaret Night Show and the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular.


The Hacienda Henequenera was constructed to resemble a Nineteenth Century Spanish-colonial style agave processing plant where visitors can witness the manufacturing process as well as an array of fantastic Mexican folk art, including an incredible collection of indigenous-style masks. Xcaret has plenty of shopping opportunities for visitors at the House of Whispers where you will find hand-made local crafts and folk art.

The Vino de Mexico Wine Cellar allows patrons to learn about the artisanal wine process that has been utilized in Mexico for more than four centuries.

Visit Xcaret

Nestled along the shore of Riviera Maya along the road south from Playa Del Carmen on the way to Puerto Aventuras, this amazing outdoor entertainment campus offers all of the best of the Yucatan Peninsula in one place. Browse this website for round-trip expeditions to this fabulous park from your accommodations in Playa Del Carmen, Riviera Maya, and Cancun. The park offers plenty of activities , attractions, and performances included with general admission, but also offers add-ons for additional fees such as dolphin swims, shark snorkeling, snuba diving, sea treks, reef snorkeling, spa treatments, and dinner shows. You can pick and choose which add-ons you would like to try by browsing your options on this website.

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